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On Patrol at the Helm of USCG Auxiliary Vessel

.... At The Helm Of "The Millennium" ....

Exchange Club Party 2005

Enjoying Myrtle Beach during the 2000 Worrell 1000 Catamaran Race

My New Residence

The Raven Barcams

My Vehicle

Worrell Bros. Annual Golf Tournement 1999.

Hammerheads Annual Golf Tournement September 22, 1998.

Recent Pics. May 1998.

More Pictures.

Fun in the Keys.

Totally Useless Info...

image Airports I've Flown Through

Cartman (Dean)
"You Will Respect My Authori-Tye!"

Kyle (Bill)

Stan (Lee)

Kenny (Ken)

Check out some of my favorite places to
eat and drink in Virginia Beach.

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